Top 5 Reasons Why Roaming Around Fitzgerald Park Makes Your Cork City Vacation Stress Free

Around 20-minute walk in the heart of the Cork City Centre, a quiet haven, Fitzgerald Park, is situated. This park was named after Edward Fitzgerald, the Lord Mayor of the city in the year 1901. During our two-day adventure, my 7C Dabarkads (my former colleagues in MMC) decided to go on a DIY exploration.

Allow me to share with you what made our visit unforgettable during our short stroll in Fitzgerald Park.

  1. Breathtaking View of River Lee

For a river lover me, the lovely scenery as we enter the park is already a happy pill for me. The hanging bridge known as the Shaky Bridge is such a plus factor. Can you blame the cute little doggie from staring at the beauty of God’s creation? The picturesque body of water is so instagrammable! Of course, we won’t leave this part of this vibrant place without taking pictures! Thank God for the kind passersby who allowed us to have our photo op one by one.

  1. Flower Display

The yellow roses reminded me of a movie we watched during College days— I never promised you a rose garden. On the other hand, these beautiful flowers are very promising. Charm is so irresistible, I couldn’t miss capturing their beauty. Aside from roses, there are other brimming flowers of different variety. Their colorful petals add up to the already relaxing vibe of Fitzgerald Park.

  1. Capturing Mother Nature

O the incomparable beauty of nature! There is just something about a verdant place that makes me wonder. Bonding with nature elicits peace and quiet. The more I see nature, the more I appreciate God’s goodness. If you are suffering from nature deficit disorder and wants to have a break from the city building scenery, Fitzgerald Park offers a sense of tranquility. Take your time to feel the cold breeze and feast your eyes to the different shades of green.


  1. Abstract Sculptures

While we stroll around the park, I have noticed that there are different sculptures scattered around this 18-acre piece of land. These pieces are a product of local and national artists’ creativity which depicts Irish figures like Independence heroes. I love how they have incorporated artworks to make the park not only for leisure but also as a reminder of Cork’s rich history. More can be seen in the Public Museum where displays of silverware collection, artifacts, and ethnographic objects are exhibited.

  1. Old Fashioned Pond

Another thing to appreciate in Fitzgerald Park is the gorgeous pond adorned with water lilies and a century-old fountain in the midst. The ornamental is a perfect centerpiece. It captivates the eye of park goers including the regulars. Moreover, waterlilies augment interest as they are beautiful to look at by adding vibrant color to the pond. Apart from that, the plant helps in the ecosystem by making the pool healthy and safe for the creatures living in it. Around the romantically designed pond are benches where you can sit and relax. Sunbathe while you take the moment to admire nature.

And that, my friends, is how we enjoyed our short but memorable walk in Fitzgerald Park. If you are planning to visit, make it extraordinary with your friends and family. Do not forget to document by capturing those special moments with your camera.

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