Why You Shouldn’t Miss to Include Dunguaire Castle in Your Ireland’s Must Visit List

As part of our What’s the Craic Guided Bus tour, we were able to experience this medieval castle in Dungory East, Kinvarra, County Galway-Emerald Isle’s most photographed Dunguaire Castle. Although we were only given an hour to take pictures and explore the castle, I was fascinated with how this small fortress can make you feel like you are in a fairyland.

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should visit Dunguaire Castle.

  1. Picturesque Location

Aside from its convenient location as it is by the roadside on the way to Kinvara, Dunguaire Castle is said to the most photographed castle in Ireland. The castle is consist of a 75-foot tower and a protective wall with a scenic background. The rocky outcrops on the Southern shore of Galway Bay make the backdrop so stunning! In fact, my photo of the tower house below is one of my most liked post on Facebook! Just a reminder though, filming or videoing is not permitted as well as the use of drones.



  1. Medieval Banquets

From April to mid-September, medieval banquets are held in Dunguaire Castle where expectant can sumptuous four-course dinner on the shores of Galway Bay. This feasting is part of a tradition in honor of King Guaire. Apart from the delicious food and the spectacular views from the outside, guests can also enjoy the fine wines while being entertained with music, literary pieces, and stories of local tradition and folklore.

  1. Colorful History

As we all know, Ireland has a rich history and castles are its silent witnesses. Built around 1520 by the O’ Hynes clan, the castle was passed over to the Martyn Clan in the 17th century. However, because the main residence of the Martyn Family became Tulira Castle, the fortress was taken for granted. Thus, it fell into disrepair. In 1924, the castle was bought by Oliver St John Gogarty who restored the tower house and made it as a gathering place for literary people. The last private owner was Lady Christabel Amptill, an English Aristocrat who purchased the castle in 1954. Six years before her death, she sold the castle to Shannon Development Company which opened Dunguaire Castle to the public.


And that’s it, folks! If you are planning to try a guided bus tour to see the Cliffs of Moher, do not dare miss the Dunguaire castle. In fact, it is usually included in the itinerary. Mind you, there is plenty of photo opportunities so be prepared!

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And please, do not forget to share your experience in the comment box below. God bless!

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