Beast from the East: An Unforgettable Encounter that Ruined our Holiday Plan

As early as 0300 a.m, the Crescent Girls were already wide awake, preparing for our most awaited Germany trip, oblivious of the Beast from the East that has been ravaging the Emerald Isle. Our hopes were high that the trip will not be canceled as no email was sent from our carrier the night before. We’ve already checked in online so when we arrived at Dublin Airport Terminal 2, we still had plenty of time to roam around and eat breakfast. At 0620H, we were already at Gate 410 waiting for boarding yet 0700 came and still we were seated in the waiting area. Several announcements had been made about canceled trips and I begin to worry. Two hours after, the paging system announced that we can now go on board the Airbus bound to Munich, Germany. Thought we flew? The big bird did not even let us experience take off! While we were on the runway, the captain announced that the Dublin Aviation Authority prohibited aircraft to fly as there was a huge collection of snow that blocked the runway. And so our hopes hit rock bottom. We will not see Mittenwald or Munich Germany this time of the year. We were supposed to go on skiing!!!

Through this experience, will I consider Storm Emma as a curse or a blessing?




Let me start by pointing out unpleasant occurrences that had happened to us ( Three Fs).


  • Flight canceled.Aside from the disruption, tickets were sold out and the earliest that we can book was Tuesday, March 6 (which is absurd because that should be the day of departure in Germany since we are working the next day). What are we going to do in Germany for a day?
  • Frustration.This was supposed to be our first out of Ireland getaway and we have been planning for it since November. We’ve all been waiting to see Germany and the girls had been dying to experience skiing (I’m already happy with snow angel). However, the Beast from the East obviously ruined our plan.BEFORE (20)
  • Fumes Allergic Reaction. As I have mentioned, we were already in the aircraft waiting for an hour or two for the road to clear out and for a stand for the airplane (since we were advised to go back as we were already a few metres away from the terminal). Because we were stuck inside while the aircraft’s engine was on, our “fairy godmother” had an allergic reaction to the fumes. Although let us say we are all nurses, we cannot do much as we could if we have the materials. He was having laryngospasm and the only thing we have were oxygen mask and oxygen cylinder. Thank God the ambulance arrived half an hour after and he was rushed to the nearest A & E wherein he was given the necessary medical interventions.

On the contrary, here are my optimistic sentiments about the Beast from the East.

  • Although the flight has been canceled, Germany will still remain where it is right now. At least we are safe and sound. Although it may take time, the money will be refunded anyway. We can still plan for our next out of the country adventure. We can another flight to Munich next year, right?BEFORE (22)
  • We were all dismayed, yes, but that just lasted for a day or two. Flight cancellation, Tito’s allergic reaction, tickets sold out—we believe these are signs telling us not to pursue the trip, like God saying “Huwag na ipilit mga anak!” There is always a next time. And, take note, the Crescent girls moved on. We’ve already made our snow angel and snowman not minding the cold weather! Why sulk when the snow-covered field is inviting you to play with the white fine crystals?BEFORE (21)
  • I cannot imagine what could have happened if we were already up in the air and our “fairy godmother” had his anaphylactic reaction. I can’t even think how we will manage it. Two hours up in the air? A lot of things can happen in that two hours! Thank God he is safe now.In fact, he is back to making jewelries like nothing happened!

My Point of View

Life is full of uncertainty so whatever happens, live life to the fullest. On average, we experience 20 typhoons back home and I reckon that is the reason why I am optimistic despite the bad and gloomy weather. Although our trip was canceled, I strongly believe that God has a better plan. Let me quote a statement I have picked up from watching my favorite film genre-feel good romantic moviesWhen it is right, it is right. When it is wrong, move on! And so, we did! And with that, we had enjoyed the snowy weather!

In my 26 years of existence, I have learned not to question God for what he is doing but to trust and believe Him. Moreover, the Beast from the East bringing fine white snow reminded me of  Isaiah 1: 18 …though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. And just like all other storms that we had experienced, Storm Emma will pass.

Did I mention I am going to make a better snowman in my previous article? Now here it is. I sure did, right? Show your snowman too! Comment with a link or a picture below.

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