One Icy-Cold Day: Seeing Snow for the First Time

Born and raised in a tropical country, seeing snow for the first time is a fairytale dream come true. Back home, we only get to see Mr. Sun and his scorching hot sunrays or Mrs. Cloud and her ever heavy raindrops. For this reason, you cannot blame us when we stayed until 1 a.m. just to play in the snow. Our neighbors were already in deep slumber yet the Crescent girls were still up and enthusiastic. Man, we rarely see Ms. Snow in Dublin!


What is it like to see snow for the first time?

For me, it is magical. The way how the featherlight ice crystals fall from heaven is so awesome especially when the ground is covered with the white fine layer of frozen water vapor. It is overwhelming and the more you will appreciate how amazing our God is. For the three of us, Winter Wonderland is real even just for a few hours.


What to do when it snows?

The first thing to do is to broadcast it! Call your family and friends and tell them the good news. Of course, bring out your most precious camera and take selfies and groufies. Have a snow fight and if the snow layer is really thick, create a snowman or make a snow angel. And when you all get tired, brew some coffee or drink a hot tea while sharing your snow experience. Enjoy the freezing freshness and the fine texture of the snow crystals while it lasts.

After all the craze was over, I went to bed with a big smile on my face and a grateful heart.

Some things I have pondered while still under the magical spell of snow falling down outside:

  1. Small things make people happy. To some, it may be an ordinary phenomenon but to those who had never seen snow before, it is such a big thing! In fact, it will always be a big thing for me.
  2. Adults were once kids and there is always something in us that stays a kid. Who says only children can play in the white ground? Grown-ups can too!
  3. Waiting is everything. Although we did not experience White Christmas as we wished last year, this 2018, we started the year with one dream turned into reality. Such a great experience to commence 2018.


The snow kissing Dublin is one tick on my bucket list. It is one thing I would never trade for anything. The next time, I want to make a better snowman.

Care to share your first snow experience?


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