What Makes the Velvet Strand Beach a Must See?

After exploring Malahide Castle and Garden, the day was still young for us so we decided to experience the Velvet Strand Beach in Portmarnock. After all, the sun shines brightly and rare are these days in Ireland. Moreover, Portmarnock is just an hour away from Malahide via public transport.
In my opinion, here are some top reasons why you should visit Portmarnock Beach.
  1. The Long Sandy Beach
Portmarnock Beach is approximately 5 kilometer stretch of clean, fine, and soft golden lovely-to-walk-in sand. Living in the Philippines which is known for its wonderful beaches, it was heaven for us to finally experience the beach in Ireland for the first time.
The sand dunes are also a vital feature of the Velvet Strand Beach. According to the fingal.ie, these hills of loose sand created by the wind or the floor of water, are preserved. Some are even fenced off!
  1. The Water Quality
The beach is being monitored regularly for water quality standards. It is tested to examine various types of bacteria which may tell if the water is polluted. Knowing this fact, I cannot help but admire this policy in Ireland. I’ve never heard of any Bathing Water Quality Regulation back home. I hope one day it will also be imposed in my country (or maybe I am not aware of its existence if there is one).
  1. The Lovely View
On a clear day, the velvet Strand Beach offers a breathtaking view of the Howth harbor, Dublin mountain, And Ireland’s Eye. Therefore, if you want to see these, make sure that the weather is fine so you can take picture perfect photos.
  1. The Outdoor Activities
Velvet Strand beach is popular for wind and kite surfers because of the strong breeze. In addition to that, people flock to exercise as well may it be in the form of swimming, brisk walking, running, etc. It is also a good place to walk the dogs.
It is also interesting to note that during the bathing season, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards from 11am-7pm.
Did You Know?
Velvet Stand Beach has been awarded the International Blue Flag beach and Green Coast Award?
The Southern Cross Monument is dedicated to the Australian Aviator Charles Kingsford Smith who chose Portmarnock Beach as the point of his departure for his flight to New York in the first leg of his East-West Circumnavigation.

How to Go to Velvet Strand Beach?
Portmarnock is served by Dublin bus #32B and #42 and DART from Dublin City center. For those who are using their private cars, there is a public car park near the beach.
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