Butlers Chocolates: Discovering How Chocolates Are Made

When I am stressed out, one of my happy food is chocolates. I keep various types of this confectionary in my press that in case of down moments, I have something to pop in my mouth. One fine Friday morning, the Crescent Girls “less one” went to visit the famous Butlers Chocolates factory. It so happened that the factory is just a few meters away from where we are residing. We won’t miss it for the world especially when we know that free chocolates will be given on the tour.

History of Butlers Chocolate

Butlers Chocolate story started with Ms. Marion Butler in 1932. Born in India, their family moved to Ireland when she was young. Creating this delicious confections by hand became her hobby. She developed a wide variety of handmade chocolates in Dublin’s Lad Lane which she named Chez Nous Chocolates. However, in the year 1959, a native of Cork named Mr. Seamus Sorensen purchased the company which was handed to the next generation of Sorensen family in 1978.

In memory of Ms. Marion Bailey-Butler, the company was renamed Butlers Irish Chocolates in 1984. Half a decade after, the first retail branch was opened on Grafton Street in Dublin City Centre. The company’s website, www.butlerschocolates.com was launched in 1998 to reach customers all around the world. Five years after, Butlers Chocolates relocated to Clonshaugh, Dublin 17.

At present, there are now more than 10 branches of Butlers Chocolate Café all over the globe and new products have been developed.


How Chocolates Are Made

Chocolates are made from the cocoa bean. The fruit of the cocoa tree is harvested and the beans, covered by a soft white pulp, is sheltered with large leaves. It will be left on the ground for several days to allow fermentation to take place. Following the fermentation process, the beans are sun-dried and cleaned thereafter. The shell of the beans is removed and roasted. This will then be crushed to become cocoa mass and cocoa butter. The former adds hue and flavor while the later gives the texture and minimizes bitterness.

Butlers dark chocolate has 58% cocoa solids while Butlers white chocolates have a minimum of 26% cocoa solids.

Butlers Chocolate Tour

The ultimate chocolate discovery tour is fun and interactive. Kids and adult alike will surely enjoy the Butlers Chocolate Experience. Included in the tour are the following:

  • Butlers Chocolate Movie. A travel way back when chocolate was discovered and how Butlers Chocolate originated.
  • Chocolate Museum. An exploration of Butlers collectible and timetable.
  • Chocolate Factory. Watch how various Butlers chocolates are made inside the factory from start to finish.
  • Experience Room. Beautify your own chocolate novelty and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adult – €12.85
  • Child – €12.85
  • Infant under 3 – Free
  • Family – €47.5

Note: As per Butlers Chocolate, production schedules are subject to change on a daily basis and there may be limited factory production on weekday afternoons. There is no factory production on Friday evenings, weekends, bank holidays and Good Friday, April the 14th.

Butlers Chocolates Factory is located in Clonshaugh Business Park, Oscar Traynor Rd, Dublin 17. For queries, call +353 1 671 0599 or email  experience@butlers.ie

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