Top 3 Reasons to Visit Howth Summit

During our first few weeks in Ireland, our usual destination to unwind was the Dublin City Centre. However, this has changed when we met our super generous, humble and adventurous guardian angel—Tito Josh.
That fine and sunny Saturday morning, we decided to visit Howth because we were all craving for seafood. Aside from voraciously consuming a box of Calamari, Tito Josh drove us to experience Howth Summit, taking advantage of the good weather.
Below are my top three reasons why you should also visit Howth Summit.
  1. Relaxation
Aside from having the best seafood in Dublin, Howth is also popular for the natives and the tourists because of the majestic view of Ireland’s Eye, Lumbay Lighthouse and Dublin Bay via the summit. It is no secret that the weather in this country is a bit tricky and so when the sun shines brightly, most people go out to relax.
Howth Summit is one of the top destination for nature lovers because it is easily accessible. When you wanted to unwind and meditate, it is one of the best places to be. The clear blue sky, the sound of the waves and the cold breeze will make you feel at ease. All those worries and stress will fade away.
  1. Exercise
If you are a fan of strolling or jogging, try cliff walking in Howth. It will take around two hours to explore the 6-kilometre terrain, enough to burn 400-500 calories of stubborn fat. This coastal walk is suitable for all but still, be careful when going near the cliffs especially during windy conditions.
(Photo credits to master Lea )
  1. Get Together
“Why do you need to travel when you can stay at home to get together?” I say, “ Why do you need to stay at home if you can travel and get together at the same time?”
Our opinion here might vary, however, for me, sometimes we need to go on a road trip with friends and have fun. I and my housemates, the Crescent Girls, as we call ourselves, visit various places at least once a month and this strengthens our bond. Moreover, we interact with other people which make the trip more interesting.
In Howth Summit, you will be able to meet new people. Some will even ask you to take pictures of them and that’s cool, isn’t it? Because you can ask them to take pictures of you and your friends in return. So, make new friends, guys, and girls!
In general, we were able to enjoy the road trip. It was such a good day to witness the majestic view of the bay and just chill. After that tiring yet fun cliff walk, visit the Howth Market or have some cup of tea with your family. Enjoy!


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