Groupon’s What’s the Craic Guided Bus Tour

After seven straight night duty, what is the best thing to do for the week off aside from eating and sleeping? I reckon you will agree with me that one of the best ways to unwind, de-stress and relax is to travel. Thank God for Groupon, I and my housemates were able to book a guided bus tour for €26 from €45.
The night before, we already prepared our food, snacks, jackets (since the forecast says it would be cloudy and rainy) and cameras. On the day of the tour, we arrived 10 minutes prior to departure. Our tour guide, Hanna and the driver, Michael, were very warm and accommodating. There were 25 tourists from different nations, who were all eager to see the fortresses and most especially the Cliffs of Moher. We left the city at around quarter past seven and we had a 30 minute stop over for breakfast after 2 hours of traveling.
First Stop: Bunratty Castle
After another hour, we reached our first destination, the Bunratty Castle. Although we were not able to take a peek inside because we were only given 30 minutes to roam around plus there is an entrance fee to enter the castle, we were able to take a few pictures of the 15th-century tourist attraction in County Clare.
Around the tower house are souvenir shops, pubs, and restaurants for visitors. The driver-slash-tour guide also mentioned that castle banquet are done nightly in the Bunratty Castle.
Second Stop: Cliffs of Moher
My most awaited destination of the tour is the Cliffs of Moher. I really was so excited to see this tourist attraction because of my favorite movie Leap Year. The proposal scene was shot here.
Although it was rainy, the slippery path did not stop us from experiencing the Cliffs of Moher. It was really a sight to behold. Nature at its best! How much more if it was sunny? No wonder approximately one million tourists visit the Cliffs every year. It was cold and breezy and there have been casualties already so to those who plan to visit the tourist attraction, be extra careful. Your life matters more than a thousand likes of your facebook photo.
We explored the Cliffs for an hour before we decided to eat. We spent two hours in the Cliffs of Moher before we departed at 3:00 pm.
The Burren
While on our way to our next destination, I can’t help but notice the white colored hills. We passed by the Burren, a region in County Clare. The hills are composed of limestone beds which formed as sediments in the tropical sea millions of years ago.
Third Stop: Dunguaire Castle
This medieval castle is one of the historic castles in Ireland which has a picturesque location at the Galway Bay shore. Although we were only given 10 minutes to explore it, we were able to capture Instagram-worthy photos!
Last Stop: Galway City Centre
To end the trip, our last stop was the Galway City Centre for shopping purposes. I and my housemates explored TK Maxx to find affordable signature clothes and shoes. Regatta was also on sale that time so I was fortunate to find a jacket as a remembrance of that trip.
Ireland’s weather is unpredictable so always be prepared for the rain to pour out. However, this fact did not ruin our excitement and enjoyment for we were able to see some of Ireland’s top destinations. I also appreciate the beauty of the green pasture and untouched nature.
Michael, our driver, did a great job of ensuring our safety and keeping us entertained during the tour by giving facts and trivia about anything under the sun. I cannot wait to book our next guided bus tour. Giant’s Causeway perhaps?


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