Dublin Castle: First Castle Experience

Visiting a castle is on top of my life’s to-do list. I never thought though that I would ever see not just one but a lot more of it. I am a nurse currently working in Ireland which is known for its rich history and hundreds of fortresses. Thus, seeing a castle personally is within my reach.
Castles are mute witnesses of history. It signifies ancient world’s elegance and fortification. One of these piece of history personified in stone is the Dublin Castle which was erected in the early 13th century. It has been rebuilt a lot of times and is used for important inaugurations and state reception.
Here are some other details about the Dublin castle.
Dublin castle is one of the most vital infrastructures of the Irish history. It was built in 1204 by Meiler Fitzhenry to defend the city as ordered by King John of England. It served as a residence for the British monarch’s Irish representative, protection for the King’s wealth, ceremonial and administrative center. The old castle remained intact until 1684 when it was damaged by severe fire. The extent of the fire caused a little trace of the medieval buildings to remain with the exemption of the Great Record Tower. The reconstruction leads to the transformation of the old castle from medieval fortification to Georgian fortress.
Today, Dublin Castle remains to be a popular attraction and tourist destination. Furthermore, it is also used as a venue for conferences, European Council meetings, and concerts.
The historic building is located in the heart of Dublin. It is situated off Dame Street, Dublin 2. For the mode of transportation, several buses (13, 27, 40, 49, 54A, 56A, 77A, 123, 150, 151, 747) are stopping near Dame Street. Moreover, tourists can also take the Luas. The closest stops are on Stephen’s Green and Jervis. If you choose to reach the Dublin Castle by car, take note that there are no car parks for visitors on the site.

Opening Hours
Guided tours are held Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 4: 45 pm and 2 pm to 4: 45 pm during the weekends. In short, the castle is open every day however, some areas such as the State Apartments, may be closed for State purposes.
I and my friends enjoyed our exploration.
The Crescent Girls
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